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The Mexican Association of Project Management (“Asociación Mexicana de Ingeniería de Proyectos”) – IPMA Mexico, is the only organization authorized in Mexico to promote best practices in project management competency under the four levels of IPMA®.

Programmes offered by IPMA Mexico

Certification in Project Management

The IPMA certification is recognized throughout the world. IPMA has certified more than 230,000 project managers in more than 63 countries on five continents during the past 10 years


The certification process is oriented to validate the competence of individuals in terms of their knowledge, experience and attitude in relation to the management of projects. The competition is understood as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills in the proper context.


In this regard certification is proof of competence and not merely a validation of academic knowledge. Certification programs are directed to evaluate a wide range of qualifications and competences related to knowledge, experience, personal behavior and general impression transmitted by the person that you want to certify in the management of projects.


Certification in four-level model.


The 4 levels of named 4LC, IPMA certification is designed as a continuous process of development of the competition. Each step to a higher level implies an adequate development of knowledge about oneself and the verification of the competition. The evaluation is based on three areas of competence (behavioral, contextual and technical) and consists of a combination of self-evaluation, reviews, reports and interviews. Consideration of the personal qualities make the IPMA certification a unique certification, which allows businesses to remap the project appropriate to the principal or Director of projects suitable, based on their strengths.

Young Crew

Young Crew is the world’s largest global network of young professionals and students in the management of projects.


Young Crew is an essential part of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and its growth. IPMA actively promotes the management of projects for companies and organizations in more than 68 countries, in all continents of the world.


Becoming member of Young Crew allows young professionals to participate in national events and networking meeting with local leaders, as well as the participation in global forums, including:


•Global Young Crew Workshop
•Young Project Manager of the Year – Achievement Award
•Project Management Championship
•GlobaleCollaborationCompetition (GeCCo)