About IPMA International

IPMA is a federation of about 70 Member Associations (MAs). Our MAs develop project management competences in their geographic areas of influence, interacting with thousands of practitioners and developing relationships with corporations, government agencies, universities and colleges, as well as training organizations and consulting companies.

IPMA Growing, Moving Forward

IPMA has spread from Europe to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and North and South America. The demand for our products and services and the number of our Member Associations is steadily growing. Through IPMA, project management practitioners from all cultures and all parts of the world can network, share ideas, and move our practice and our stakeholders forward through effective collaboration and cooperation.

IPMA International Structure

IPMA Governance consists of a Council of Delegates, an Executive Board, several Management Boards, working and project groups and a Secretariat. The Council and Board Members are from all over the world and reflect the Global nature of IPMA.

How is IPMA Operated

IPMA is member-driven, and volunteer-staffed. Aside from contracts for its Secretariat and the guidance of a Professional Manager, all boards and Member Associations are filled with practicing project or Program Managers. With a geographically-distributed organization, IPMA collaborates on an ongoing basis, and hold board and council meetings regularly around the World. The governing philosophy of IPMA is to achieve agreement through effective communication and by consensus; and to avoid yes/no voting procedures as often as possible.

50 years, moving on

In 2015, IPMA brings out Strategy 2020.

After fifty busy years IPMA is leading the evolution of the Project Management profession and communities across the whole world. IPMA is a unique international network that thinks globally, acts regionally and engages locally. Advanced, competence-based certification underpins a comprehensive portfolio of services and products offered through its network of Membership Associations, training providers, publishers, event organizers and the like IPMA continues to recognize, respect and build on its diversity as the foundation of its networks of colleagues, friends and associates with complimentary visions and horizons. Today IPMA remains the developing network set up by the perceptive founders fifty years ago. We can all be proud of the history and achievements of the IPMA family. We can all thank the many women, men and organizations who have generously contributed their time, efforts, intelligence and professionalism to a clearly outstanding story of success – with a great future and potential for good ahead.

Moving People Forward – IPMA Education and Training

IPMA does not offer courses directly, they believe in the quality of local training providers that can adapt IPMA’s standards to the local situation regarding knowledge, market and training preferences. IPMA do assists in the development of resources for use by students and professionals.

A key challenge facing PM practitioners is to assure that all PM learning and training efforts and costs actually return the intended benefits. IPMA faces this challenge, whether the purpose of the learning is individual career development, for increased project success, or for improved performance of the sponsoring organizations.

The goal of IPMA Education and Training is to support use of IPMA ICB®, the IPMA Competence Baseline (our framework for relevant learning), to assist our Member Associations and their stakeholders, to improve project and programme learning, and improve organization results.

IPMA Programmes

  • A training aid programme (TAP), to promote project management and provide information about IPMA activities, IPMA’s globally used and widely recognized 4 Level Certification scheme of project professionals and also facilitate the host country to join IPMA as a Member Association through an appropriate professional association
  • IPMA Expert Seminar, an event held almost each year.
  • IPMA advanced courses, run and updated yearly to provide enhanced learning for experienced project, programme and portfolio professionals.
  • IPMA Registration is provided by its membership associations, to suppliers of training and education programmes. This registration is offered if a training course or education programme is certifiably covering all content of the IPMA ICB® in sufficient depth.