Ing. Eduardo Cadena Cerón

Secretario de Desarrollo Agropecuario, Rural y Pesca. Estado de Veracruz



He is an Industrial Engineer from the Anahuac Xalapa University and has a Master’s Degree in
Agrobusiness from the Graduate College, and a second in Science in Forest Ecology from the
Forest Research Institute of the Universidad Veracruzana Campus Xalapa.
He was a producer of Avena and Haba in the Perote Valley, served as Project Manager for the
start-up of a tropical fruit processing factory, was a Consultant for Rural Development Agencies
(PESA-FAO), was a Producer of Vegetable Material for the ProArbol of Conafor Program, he was
General Manager of the Agricultural Development company of Mexico. From 2016 to 2017 he was
general representative in MORENA, in 2018 he became Coordinator of General Representatives
for the same party. Nowadays, he serves as Secretary of Agricultural, Rural and Fisheries
Development of the State of Veracruz